the Jaribu system: 
a Martial arts academy

The system of martial arts practiced in this organization is a compendium of Japanese, Korean, and African martial art forms with American Boxing techniques selected to create formidable and dynamic movements. The genesis of this art in the 1960's signaled a change in approach, like so many other things of that era. We still practice and perfect what we learned, as the child student becomes the master teacher.

The actual

The training patterns and sequences are a challenge and a test of courage as well as intellect. It is called “Jaribu”.  This American martial art form is a follow-up on what was started in the 1960‘s. The teacher at this school is recognized as an over 50 year participant in its practice . He is recognized as a student, fighter, and master teacher promoted by the originator of the concept. Furthermore, he is the oldest living student of the system “bar none”.  The technical proficiency of the teacher is earned by over 40 years of on-the-floor experience, training in the sequences and working the techniques, not by watching videos and claiming knowledge.

The exercises executed provide for high cardio and strength exercises, balanced with demanding work that serves to produce long muscle development and quick reflexes.  They help to develop the strength in the techniques.  The sequences are designed to push the student beyond their previous physical levels.  Let there be no mistake about it, this is self defense oriented training. This is a martial art form and is structured and taught as designed. Exceptionally lethal technique can be modified for the instruction of children, but this is not childs play.  The skill sets that you may derive from the sessions will help you protect yourself or your loved one, when the moment is at hand. Youth will learn how to adequately respond to challenges to the degree necessary, to either defuse the situation or, if there is no other choice, dispatch it.  These responses address bullying on a myriad of levels. 

The classes will build your body, provide enough repetition to provide you the logistics for developing muscle memory, temper your responses to heightened emotional stress,and teach you techniques that can be called on in a moment’s notice for survival sake.  There are also weapon techniques taught that can be transitioned into use with common, on the street, items.  These techniques will be taught only after enough time has passed demonstrating a command over basic, beginning, and intermediate empty hand technique.  This is an adult class where that career minded person, with a busy schedule can get in shape while enjoying the peace of mind of personal security.   Younger people follow the same regiment of training placed into their living context.  It’s ideal for the fitness focused person with metabolic, plyometric, and stamina building workouts.

When a student trains with us, we take care of the student.  We know that it is not about pushing you through challenging physical activities until you promote weakness and accidents trying to keep up.  We take our time to do an assessment of your abilities.  Next we provide exercises to create strength in those areas where the most weakness is present, while all the time working on the core exercises.  Through years of training this way I have found that stabilization of the body is the first thing that is important.  After stabilization has been achieved, strength and flexibility with cardio works to bring more permanent development and longer lasting strength.

We work with resistance training with two man exercises using body weight.  Building muscle gradually brings about longer lasting form and real muscle power.  

Any individual with an average level of functionality in daily life can take this martial training. Self defense tactics bring conditioning that is an attribute which can only be derived from proper participation.  This includes middle school children.   Our work has been tested with 40 plus years on the floor. In a time when people freely impose their will on others, here clearly is an alternative.  Our method opens doors and can enrich your life with faster reactions, increased awareness, improved motor skills, and last but not least improved physique!  Reaching for wellness with proactive physical care brings an improved quality of life that can be realized through martial art discipline.  

In some cases, it could mean a young person maintaining his freedom from someone who “thinks”

they have the upper hand.

In a short period of time, the foundations are introduced in a way that could increase one’s spiritual perspective, while grounding one in the reality of the moment. All of these things are the concept of the Jaribu System.  This system does not promote just learning combat, but promotes life improvement for the student on a myriad of levels.

The goal

Within our system, there are no honorary belts or video teaching.  We don’t make up colours, nor do we provide rank to those who don’t earn it by their diligent work .  If you teach any martial art form, intrinsically you find accountability both on a physical and on a moral level.  I have spent over 35 years learning this facet of the training.  The certification as a personal trainer as an adjunction to sports training allows me to share an added value to individual training sessions. Finally, video aides can give you only what you think you see.   Thus reviewing video’s without the element of the absolute benefit of a live teacher explaining movements and nuances places a student in a position to learn things that are inappropriate for his or her body type.  The master teacher is very much alive here and passing his knowledge to his students eye to eye. This personalized instruction minimizes or eradicates misperceptions being passed down, or just clear “mistakes,” to the unwary student, who trust that you are doing the right thing by him or her.  There is no substitute for actual teaching self defense skills. These skill sets are learned best as true self defense in the practicum, which is modeled after real life scenarios.

When you watch a teacher execute a series of techniques there is a story being told.  Look at his or her execution, the dynamics of the components contained therein.  It is their articulation of the work in the narrative as well as the educational content of the items within their combinations.  These elements combined make a good sensei shine as he works to assure all students of an education on a multiplicity of levels.   The care, conviction, and logistics make both the educated eye and the novice at the same time feel comfortable, confident, and secure. 

The social and moral tools to manage this information along with the various body types and physical conditioning brings value to the session, but confidence has intrinsic value and all are given in appropriate portions during each training set.  These sets are in group sessions, semi-private or private one-on-one personal training sessions.

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The social and moral tools to manage this information along with the various body types and physical conditioning brings value to the session but confidence  has intrinsic value and are given in appropriate portions during each training set.  These sets are in  group sessions, semi-private or private one-on-one personal training sessions.

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joining us

    From the ages of 3.5 to 80 years of age, we offer the training system to everyone. How are we doing it?  The answer is by providing information that works from the foundation. As the oldest living student of "The Jaribu System" and highest promoted by the Kyoshi Sensei of the system, I have found many of the secrets of the system lie within the hidden techniques.  Such is the same in daily  life in that many of our innate talents lie deep within us waiting for us to explore and uncover them.  As the Master teacher, I offer you an experience where the teaching comes from fellow students as well as the master teacher so that all involved are in discovery on different levels.  The class offers you not just body movement and practical self-defense work but an opportunity to re-discover yourself and establish confidence in a newly developing skill set.   This rediscovery can only happen with your commitment to make and accept that growth.  The system work is that viaduct!    Here is just one of the things that a parent said regarding her children's experience after (1) year of training with Fitness-n-Focus under the Jaribu system the Martial arts academy testifies....


The vision

Improved Awareness,
 Self defense,
Improved self control
No body wants to fight but should the moment arise will you have the skill and the confidence to meet the challenge?  Learning personal control over self and managing control of your environment speaks volumes
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