Youth training
boundaries and freedom

Let me introduce an young child just who turned 8.  He started with me just before he turned 6.  When we met, although he experienced some martial arts training, in my eyes, it was a miserable excuse for instruction.  I was told the instructor eat during class; the sum display of his work was that he could recognize a forward stance, although he didn't know the name; he did not know any specific movement in particular; and lastly could not perform not one karate kata upon request, which is a form of formal practice of movements.  After two years of training his sessions are the same length as the adults that he works side by side with.  In fact, there are many times when the adults follow him, as he now understands internal power is awakening within him.  He can perform 10 forms on command without further prompting.  He understands the medical implications of many of the martial techniques.  Every day his execution gets better and stronger as he grows.  Meet Eric Peng, a new wave of the Jaribu System training concept and proponent of our training sequences for children.

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Children & actualization